Using Spotless Water for Aquarium Fish Tanks

Using Spotless Water for Aquarium Fish Tanks

Mon 22 Oct 2018

As a fish keeper, water quality is incredibly important, as different species of fish need a different type of water due to their natural habitat background. Some fish require soft water, and some hard water. A solution to this is using purified water, as any aquatic habitat can then be recreated in the home aquarium. Water is purified which removes pollution and hardness, things that are often found in ordinary tap water and, if not taken care of correctly, can end up being incredibly harmful to both fish and corals.

Spotless Water uses advanced technology to make sure the water is ultra pure and free of any impurities. The water has a guaranteed TDS level of 0, which is precisely monitored 24/7, and displayed to customers on the self-service screen. This way, customers can see it for themselves at all times of dispensing.

The units also have controlled heating and cooling technology in order to prevent Legionella bacteria from growing in the tank. In the winter, we need to ensure the tanks don’t freeze up, so internal heating has been implemented. In the summer however, if the water rises to above 20 degrees, then the chances of legionella are very high. To prevent this, we also have cooling systems installed and the 2 of them work together to ensure a safe, constant, average temperature. The temperature is monitored closely at all times and also checked every month by site engineers.

Currently, Spotless Water focuses on the cleaning industry as its main market.  Window cleaners and car valeters make up the majority of customers, therefore we currently only monitor and show the TDS levels of the water. However, as we look to expand our market into the marine aquarium industry, we will be introducing remote monitoring for PH, Nitrate, Salt and Carbon Dioxide levels aswell. Until then, we do advise that anyone purchasing for their marine aquarium tests the water themselves for their own needs.

Spotless Water is priced from 3p per litre + VAT, and is available and a number of different filling stations all around the UK. All the filling stations are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so ultrapure water is always available. It can be purchased as you go, using your debit/credit card directly at the filling station, or account users can dispense water by using their Spotless Water key fob. It is free to sign up for an account, and no contracts are required. All new accounts come with £20 free credit to get you started. Sign up for free now on our homepage.